About Us

Who we are?

Inno Laser is a young and dynamic company, made up of enthusiastic, customer-oriented professionals. We are continually improving to provide you with high quality products and services along with a memorable buying experience.

 1. Why us ?

  • - Innovative products designed to develop children's creativity or to help you enjoy even more the time you spend with friends
  • - 100% non-polluting, renewable raw materials and mostly recycled
  • - Personalized design and execution services.

 2. Vision 

  • The vision of Inno Laser is to minimize environmental impact by using exclusively non-polluting, renewable raw materials.

 3. Mission 

  • The mission of Inno Laser is to actively contribute to the harmonious development of children through educational and society games.




Professionalism, Creativity, Environmental Protection


Inno laser features high precision laser technology for engraving and cutting of different materials.

In terms of design services, besides a well-trained and creative team, Inno Laser uses hi edge software and equipment for excellent results every time.